NWTF Taxidermy Competition

NWTF Taxidermy Competition


Celebrate the Art of Wildlife Preservation

Are you a talented taxidermist who can bring life back to the wild? Or perhaps you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast, proud of your trophy harvests? Join us in showcasing your passion and skill in the world of taxidermy by entering the National Wild Turkey Federation's Taxidermy Competition (2024).

Enter Your Masterpieces

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2. Submit Entries: Share the number of mounts that you are entering into the contest, and keep track of your creations and scores using the 'My Entries' page.
3. Compete: Enter our contests and gain exposure, appreciation, and a shot at fantastic awards.

Preserve the Beauty of Nature, One Mount at a Time

Through your art, we celebrate the beauty of nature and the significance of wildlife preservation. Join our community of passionate taxidermists and enthusiasts who share your dedication to this timeless craft.


---New This Year. The Peoples Choice Award!----

Attendees may cast a vote for their Favorite Mount (Please Only 1 Vote per attendee.)

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